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Affiliate program from Deltahost — is a profitable partnership for web studios, developers and individuals.

You can earn money by recommending our services to your friends, companions or just peoples who need a qualitative hosting services.

Bringing us new customers, you will receive a reward to your account every time when a customer (which was referred by you) pays for the services.

The main difference of our affiliate program against others is that we offer a reward from each payment of referred customer, but NOT just the first payment. You have to bring the customer only one time and you will get a reward each time he pays.
How does this work?
In the control panel you can find different affiliate links: banners, buttons, text links. Affiliate link code is generated for each account separately and contains account ID. You have to place an affiliate link on the page. When a visitor clicks on the link and go over it — our site will get data from the partner link code and set cookie with all the necessary information. Cookies will be valid for 30 days.If visitor will make an order within 30 days — he will be identified by cookie as customer referred by you. This information will be stored during the registration and in the future you will be rewarded each time a given user pays for our services.

We provide you with a variety of design options for the links that can be used in different situations. You can set banner on your website or blog, you can put text link in your signature on the forum, you can use affiliate links for direct recommendation of our services in your text messages on the forums, blogs, etc.

How much will I earn?
Affiliate rate — 5%.This means that if customer referred by you will order a dedicated server for $150/month — you will be rewarded $7.5 monthly as long as the customer will be using the service.

If customer will make an order for 10 servers — you will be rewarded $75 monthly.

What to do with the reward?
Reward received by the affiliate program can be used to pay for our services, or may be paid by the request of a partner through WebMoney, Perfect Money and other payment systems (should be agreed during request).Request for payment should be made by filing an application in the Control Panel. The minimum amount for payment — $100.

Are there any restrictions?
When participating in the affiliate program are prohibited from violating any laws and generally accepted standards of use of the network. If it is determined that the partner has violated any laws or common rules — the partner account will be blocked.

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