Datacenter in Ukraine || Datacenter in Netherlands

The most of our facilities located at commercial datacenter in Kiev. The datacenter matches level TIER2+. Below you can find some facts about datacenter and see what exactly allow us to deliver you premium quality services.
SERVERS: Supermicro
Supermicro servers in a rack.
Front panel.
LEDs on the front panel.
NETWORK: best hardware, great connectivity
Aggregation switches HP ProCurve & border router Juniper.
«Top of Rack» switches: Extreme Networks.
100% network uptime delivered by 3 independent upstream providers: Cogent, Datagroup, Topnet.
ELECTRICITY: no chance for outage
Two independent inputs (EACH 600 KILOWATT) from different stations with dedicated electricity transformer substation.
Uninterruptable power supply unit with custom built battery room allow whole datacenter to work from batteries up to 4 hours(!) if both electicity inputs down.
Batteries combined with generator making totally impossible electricity outage, even in case of long-term down of electricity inputs.
COOLING: 20°С/68°F anytime
Thoroughly selected cooling system with high performance outside chillers.
Allows to keep temperature in server rooms at the level of 20°С/68°F anytime of year.
FIRE EXTINGUISHING: data safety in any situation
In case of fire gas fire extunguishing system allows to extuinguish fire quickly, keep all hardware dry, extremely speed up recovery after fire and guarantee data safety even in case of fire.
SECURITY: only authorized personal allowed
Multilevel electonic key access system allows not only restrict access to server rooms for authorized personal, but also allow to control who was and where at a certain time.
The most of our facilities located at commercial datacenter «Serverius» Dronten, Netherlands. Part of the datacenter corresponds to the level of reliability TIER2, and some level of TIER3. Below you can find some facts about the datacenter.
Each cabinet has its own key.
Rows of server racks.
Firewall NETASQ.
Optical Switch Module HP.
Netgear Switch.
The pressure gauge shows the pressure in the gas tank.
Gas cylinders.
Gas cylinders.