Hosting leaves the scene for VPS

Hosting leaves the scene for VPS
Hosting Rent - Deltahost Hosting leaves the scene for VPS

Websites hosting

Website hosting or shared hosting loses its actuality despite the lightness of use and available price. One of the reasons - is the modern requirement for software which shared hosting can`t provide. This kind of hosting service is designed for “collective” resources and software use. In the conditions when a website needs a specific software version with some modules and plugins, virtual shared hosting can`t meet the needs of all users.

The modern software allows realizing the progressive analog of virtual website hosting on VPS basis. There aren`t required specific administration skills or programming knowledge for this. The modern control panel as Hestia CP, cPanel allows to management of the server using an intuitive web interface in the same way as it could be done in the virtual hosting control panel. The additional possibility - you can set the necessary software by clicking the mouse. There is no quantity limitation for websites, databases, mailboxes etc.

Renting a VPS with a control panel can completely replace shared hosting and maintain the same simple and easy work with websites. A separate dedicated IP address will have a positive impact on the SEO promotion of your site and will eliminate the problems of IP blocking due to unscrupulous neighbors on “shared hosting”.

VPS with a control panel as the platform for website hosting - it's a modern reality, which displaces the classic shared hosting because of affordable price and more wide availabilities.

Website hosting Website hosting Website hosting

VPS hosting - virtual dedicated server

Several virtual machines run on one server. Each of them receives a guaranteed amount of resources - processor cores, RAM, and disk space. The client can independently manage his virtual server - configure, install software, and reboot. Renting a VPS is cheaper than a physical server. It provides a smaller but guaranteed amount of resources. Therefore, VPS hosting will be an ideal choice for customers who do not need very high performance.

Virtual hosting technical support

The basic technical support is provided free of charge. It includes installing the Hestia CP or cPanel control panel, installing and reinstalling the operating system, moving websites from another hosting, resetting the administrator password, and setting up additional IP addresses (v4 and v6). The cost of extended technical support is set individually. It includes operating system updates, individual fine-tuning of Nginx and Apache, installing and updating PHP modules, creating a monitoring and alert system, as well as working with non-standard software.

Automatic software installation on VPS

Automatic software installation is the fastest option for preparing a virtual server for running. As a rule, the operating system and control panel are installed automatically. The software installs automatically with default settings. The software should be fitted with an additional tuning for work with the greatest possible efficiency. You can do it yourself or contact the hosting provider’s specialists for extended support. Using shared hosting qualitatively changes the interaction with your project compared to “classic website hosting”: independence, speed, security, and a larger amount of resources - allowing you to achieve greater results!
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What makes VPS better than hosting? - Intel Xeon 64bit
$7.2 / month and more


The virtual dedicated servers will suit the websites with average attendance - the business card sites of large companies, small internet shops, or data portals. It can host an enterprise cloud application, mail server, database, code repository, or multimedia library. To clarify whether the dedicated resources are enough pay attention to the system requirements of your software.
VPS and VDS are the same service. In most cases, there aren`t any differences between these definitions. However, some companies still divide these two terms where VPS means virtualization on the software level, and VDS means virtualization on the hardware level. But both variants are still the same for the user.
VPS is a virtual server that provides you with part of the physical machine resources. Its resources are limited, but cannot be less than the guaranteed minimum - this ensures stable performance. Dedicated server - it's a dedicated computer (a separate server), which is completely at the user`s disposal. It has high performance and offers more possibilities for individual settings.
There are Windows- and Linux servers depending on the operation system. Computer differences also depend on drive type - the software could be set on the HDD, SATA SSD, and SSD NVMe.
The main factor is technical characteristics - processor cores amount, operative memory value, storage type, and capacity. For work with the specific software, the type of operation system is useful - Windows or Linux. It is also worth paying attention to the quality of technical support and the availability of additional services from the provider.
The service price depends on the current market situation and exchange rates so it needs to be clarified on the date. Currently, the company Deltahost provides virtual dedicated servers on Linux from 8$ per month and on Windows basic - from 15$. However, you should not aim for the cheapest tariff plans, as you should rely on the resources necessary to run your software.
You can turn back the money within 48 hours. This period is enough for software setting and testing of the real opportunities of VPS/VDS hosting. The testing period starts from the first minute of service use. If everything suits you - just continue to use the service.
Deltahost data centers are located in Ukraine, the Netherlands, and the USA. Such diversity allows to ensure the high-quality service of the target audience whatever it's geographical location.
VPS hosting - it is a service that allows to get root access to the server. It permits clients to set the operating system from their iso-image if this doesn`t break the rent rules.
The VPS service already includes the basic administration - install and re-install OS and the control panel, websites transfer from another hosting, administrator password resetting, and adding the extra IP addresses. Other services are offered for a separate price and depends on the client needs.
The search engines prefer when the website is on its IP address and is not shared with the neighbors. Such websites are above in the search results. Furthermore, search engines like it when a site has an SSL certificate and operates using the HTTPS protocol; they also rank such sites in search results. On a VPS server, all these are set very easily!
Yes, while using VPS hosting, unlike the usual shared hosting. Configure your website the way you need it. Any memory value for scripts, choose any library versions, install any additions, accelerators, cash - everything is in your hands.

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