VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server) also known as VPS (Virtual Private Server) — virtual server, which based on the technology of full virtualization. Each VPS is working with own copy of the kernel, which does not depend on the kernel and operating system of the node. VPS server can be installed with any operating system, including Windows OS.

VPS server allows you to have root access, install and configure any software at your like, system libraries, manage VPS firewall settings, make any manipulation with VPS up to the changes in the operating system kernel. In a few words VPS — it is almost a dedicated server, only less powerful and for more affordable price. This feature makes the VPS excellent alternative to more expensive dedicated servers.

As a hypervisor for VPS we chosed Linux KVM. KVM (Kernel Virtual Machine) — it’s a virtualization technology for VPS, which replaced the well known and widely used for VPS, but, unfortunately, now outdated, technology XEN. Since version 6 RedHat Etnerprise Linux and, accordingly, CentOS 6, XEN is completely removed from distribution. Instead of it, the kernel comes by default with KVM, which includes all the best that was in XEN, QEMU and other virtualizations. We created a VPS hosting system based on KVM, which allows you to have remote access to the VPS via VNC , which allows owners of KVM VPS to get actually remote IP-KVM, which can be used to configure all components of the VPS software by the owner of the VPS, even to set up encrypted file systems within the VPS.

To ensure the reliability and resiliency we host VPS servers on a «mirror» array, which also called RAID. This means that each disc is doubled with another and the failure of any of them will not affect VPS performance.

All VPS are unmanaged. This mean you will receive VPS with a clean OS installed. Installation and configuration of system components and additional software on VPS should be performed by you or by your authorized person.

SSD VPS - virtual server, which is hosted on the VPS node with SSD drives. VPS SSD is much faster then HDD VPS. If you need to buy best VPS hosting - SSD VPS hosting will the best choose. SSD VPS server can be used for any task: web-server, database server, RDP server and many others.

Storage VPS - virtual servers on HDD drives. Storage VPS is much more capacitive then SSD VPS. It has lower performance then SSD VPS, but much more space. You can use high storage VPS for task where key requirement - disc capacity and not the speed. I.e. storing backups, archives and so on.

Windows VPS (Win VPS) - being the official partner of Microsoft, we offer you to buy virtual servers with Windows Server. Windows Server is installed on our VPS hosting for free, the cost of genuine licensed copy of the Windows Server is already included in the cost of Windows VPS hosting. Virtual server Windows VPS allows you to not only get the VPS with genuine Windows operating system, but also to save money on purchasing expensive licenses for Windows VPS. Buy VPS Windows Server and you will see it is much cheaper than to buy a separate license. We can install on VPS: Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2003. You can also install your OS on the VPS. Simply provide us with your .iso image, we will attach it and you will be able to set OS by yourself from your image: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 10 and any other.

We recommend VPS as cost-effective alternative to more expensive dedicated servers, especially when your tasks does not require large computing power.

Extra IP. You can order for your VPS as many IP as you need. Please pay your attention: in order to protect from spam, the ability to send mail is disabled for extra IP addresses.

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