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Server for 1C

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1C server — evolution in action

Today, almost every company uses this special application program. Its history began long ago, with the 1C program: accounting software versions 3 and 4.0. At that time, it was a single financial program without 1C installing and configuring. Today, 1C is a large-format set of services that accompanies the business processes of Ukrainian companies.

The evolution of the 1C server led to the release of version 1C 7.x (7.0, 7.5, 7.7), which became a breakthrough of that time. From that moment, the product was only being improved, the division into platform and configuration was made, and the database was saved in DBF format. The technological breakthrough occurred thanks to the release of 1C: Enterprise 8.0, which expanded the database of used SQL servers to 8.1 version.

What does 1C cloud mean?

Today, most Ukrainian companies of all kinds have assessed the benefits of working with cloud technologies. First of all, to use 1C in the Cloud is convenient. The following advantages of working with the Cloud can be distinguished:

  • mobility and ease of connection;
  • reliability and smooth programs work;
  • automatic update.

Remote 1C web server doesn’t require special technical knowledge to work with the Cloud. The user can always connect to his or her infrastructure from any computer and at any time.

1C server renting

1C virtual web server is a guarantee of security of financial information, all data is stored in the Cloud and is protected from hacking. Renting of 1C server in the Cloud is a convenient service because when buying it, the customer gets a ready-to-use server for remote operation. The price of 1C accounting in the Cloud depends on the following key factors:

  • number of shared users;
  • 1C database size;
  • 1C server version.

1C in the Cloud: is it better to purchase it or rent it?

1C server rental or purchase: what to choose? Purchasing 1C cloud service is much more expensive because this will require additional costs for equipment and staff. You will need a person who will be engaged in the program’s installing, configuring and systematically updating. The price of a 1C server on a virtual machine is significantly lower than purchasing expensive equipment. Moreover, 1C hosting on the client’s virtual server is supported 24/7, and all changes are easily tracked remotely. By renting a server, the customer gets high security and confidentiality.

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