Server for 1C

Server for 1C

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Maintaining financial reporting and accounting is an integral and important part of the business. Most often, such processes occur on the computer of an accountant directly in the office or on several computers of employees. The disadvantages of this approach are obvious:

  • minimal control
  • complexity of equipment support
  • probability of data loss upon failure
  • physical impact on equipment

A simple and elegant solution to the above problems is our Windows VPS service. Trends in recent years demonstrate the close relationship of business processes and IT technologies. More and more companies are using the "cloud" infrastructure to isolate services of any kind. Finance and accounting is not exception. Using a remote server of a reliable hosting provider will allow to get rid of such problems and get:

  • full control of employee accounts, access rights management
  • there is no need for equipment support
  • access to a remote server is possible from almost any device
  • Your data will not be lost in the event of a hardware failure
  • the ability to create backups in our FTP storage
  • Geographical location of server in the USA / Netherlands/ Ukraine

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