Hosting for online store

Hosting for online store

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The server for the online shop is one of the most important components for building your own trading platform in the Internet.

For online shops and sites with a small load a good solution would be to use virtual servers VPS. You can choose the appropriate configuration according to the technical requirements for your trading platform. Switching to a more powerful tariff with more resources (memory, disk space, processor) is fast and does not require any changes to your server settings. Therefore, scaling your online shop does not require complex technical work.

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An online shop that serves a fairly large number of customers requires more computing power. If the popularity of the online shop is such that the resources of the VPS are not enough, and a more powerful technical solution is required, we suggest switching to using the Dedicated Server. A dedicated server is a separate physical server, the resources of which you do not share with anyone and manage all computing power on your own.

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You can rent a server in one of the data centers in Ukraine, the Netherlands and the USA. Datacenters are equipped with reliable power supply, backup power sources, generators, modern systems for maintaining temperature in the server hosting area.

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