Server Rent in USA

Dedicated server
Physical server rent with control of the hardware, system part and full access
24x7 IPMI access,
power management,
free Hestia CP panel
Game projects, websites,
Email, Remote working environment
Dedicated server in Ukraine, Netherlands, USA.
Support 24x7
Hosting Rent - Deltahost Server RentServer Rent in USA


Dedicated servers in USA
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Limited quantity

Dedicated server

Xeon E3-1230v5
250GB - 32TB

4 core, 3.4GHz
per month: from $53
in a year: from $47.7
Limited quantity
Xeon E3-1230v5
250GB - 32TB

per month: from $53
in a year: from $47.7
Xeon E-2236
250GB - 34TB

6 core, 3.4 GHz
per month: from $109
in a year: from $98.1
Xeon E-2236
250GB - 34TB

per month: from $109
in a year: from $98.1
Xeon E-2378G
250GB - 34TB

8 core, 2.8 GHz
per month: from $133
in a year: from $119.7
Xeon E-2378G
250GB - 34TB

per month: from $133
in a year: from $119.7

Extra options to dedicated servers

Server rent - Extra IP
Extra IP
Server rent - Panel Hestia CP
Panel Hestia CP
(without support)
Server rent - cPanel
cPanel Premier Metal
(100 accounts) (without support)
Server rent - Windows Server
License "Windows Server Standard"
(without support)
Server rent - Windows RDP
Windows Remote Desktop
(1 user)
What is it and when is it necessary?
Server rent - Administration
Service: Administration
$5/15 min


  • OS installation. OS reinstallation
  • Control panel installation
  • Web-site relocation, VPS from another hosting
  • Resetting the operating system administrator password
  • Adding additional IPv4 and IPv6 addresses to the server
  • Up to 15 minutes response

Basic support



  • OS update
  • Tuning Apache, ngnix
  • PHP modules installation, updating PHP versions
  • Installation and configuration of non-standard software
  • System Monitoring configuration

The order of the service

The order of the service is carried out by the application from the control panel. The required time for the work is determined by the system administrator. After full coordination of the list of works and terms, the corresponding amount is debited from the account and the administrator starts to work.

negotiated price

from $5

IPMI: Remote server management

 IPMI Server management console
Remote power management. Reboot, off/on anytime.
 IPMI Server management console
Remote iKVM console. Debian installation in iKVM console.
IPMI Server management console
Remote DVD-ROM. .iso image can be mounted from remote host..

You can rent dedicated server with one of the following payment methods:


Server rent - PROHIBITED
  • Adult sites.
  • Malware.
  • Cheating and fraud in any form.
  • Drugs, violence.
  • Spam, Mass mailing, Bulk mailing.
Attention! Servers containing the above materials will be blocked immediately after the discovery without the right to a refund!
In a case of receiving a reasonable complaint from the copyright holder for placement of infringing materials — server may be temporarily suspended until the cause of the complaint will be removed and all requirements of the copyright holder will be satisfied. Typically, this penalty is applied in the case of no reaction from the customer to a complaint within 24 hours. With a large number of complaints,the service can be blocked on a regular basis.

Trial period

Trial period — allows the client to make sure that ordered service is a high-quality and meets all the needs of the client. The client has the opportunity to make sure of this on his own and thoroughly check everything.

How to get the trial period?

Take the server for a test is very simple. To do this, you need to place an order on the site, correctly and completely fill out the registration information, pay for the selected service. After activating the service, you will have 48 hours for testing (the first 48 hours after activation).
If something does not work or work not as you expected — immediately report about it to the technical support via tickets. We will do our best to fix the problem as soon as possible. If we can not fix the problem — we will refund the money.
The absence of a valid claim during the test period will mean that the client is fully satisfied with the service. Claims filed after the expiration of the test period do not entitle you to a refund.

Business solutions

Server rent - Web-site relocation

Web-site relocation

Quick work of your web-site with total control and management. Dedicated IP- address for the web-site
Server rent - For online shops

For online shops

Сreation of a trading platform in the Internet. Promotion of your goods, new leads generation
Server rent - Finance and accounting

Finance and accounting

Reliable storage for your business data. Servers are in secure data centers provide ultimate safety
Server rent - For traders

For traders

Access to the desktop from any place in any time. Uninterruptable work of the server and programs
Server rent - For corporate customers

For corporate customers

Customized solution for your special needs
Server rent - File Storage

File Storage

Simple and reliable backups storage. Building of own cloud storages

Renting a dedicated server in the USA is the best solution for large projects. This will allow you to get the equipment in full to take advantage of all its capabilities. We offer a variety of configuration options so that customers can choose the best one in accordance with upcoming tasks.

A dedicated US server has the following advantages:

Full control at high performance

Renting a US server is a great choice for large projects. This guarantees unlimited possibilities. Clients get at their disposal a physical resource that is turned on around the clock being connected to the Internet. You will make all the necessary settings for the project, there are no restrictions. Administration service is ordered separately. Any settings as well as comprehensive support are possible in accordance with the needs of customers.

Server rental in the USA in terms of localization is optimal for those whose project users are located in this country. The class of equipment offered guarantees its stable operation and durability.

Of course, you can order a rental in the data center yourself, however, due to the scale of our activities, we are ready to offer more favorable conditions for cooperation as well as guarantee Russian-speaking technical support, assistance in selecting the best equipment.

Use the services of experienced professionals so as not to encounter problems when using the American resource. We offer a variety of equipment to meet the needs of customers, set a favorable cost for services and we are inviting you to cooperate.

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