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Dedicated server - it is a service for renting a physical server. Dedicated server is an excellent option for any task. You can rent dedicated server for website, or you can rent server and use it as a remote server for you office needs: RDP, mail server, web server, or you can use it as a proxy to bypass strict Internet rules in some countries. Dedicated server also can be used for installing a gaming dedicated server (CS, CSS, DayZ, MineCraft, Arma, WoW, Lineage, Rust and much more popular games) or services for gaming process (Team Speak, for example).

We offer dedicated servers in Ukraine and dedicated servers in Europe (Netherlands).

Dedicated server in Ukraine. Ukrainian dedicated servers located in Kiev in Tier 3 datacenter, directly connected to UA-IX backbone, and to several upstreams. If you rent server in Ukraine with us - you may be sure you got cheap dedicated server in Ukraine.

Dedicated server in Europe (Netherlands). Europe dedicated servers located in Netherlands in Tier 3 datacenter, connected to AMS-IX backbone and tens of upstreams, offering a best connectivity. The most cheap dedicated server in Europe located exactly in Netherlands. This is due to best quality and cheap connectivity available in Netherlands.

Windows dedicated server. As an official partner of Microsoft, in addition to FreeBSD and Linux dedicated servers, we also offer Windows dedicated servers with monthly rental licenses at cheap price. By ordering a Windows dedicated server running Windows Server, you will not only get genuine Windows server with the ability to easily and quickly receive updates, but will significantly save you money on the purchasing a "box" version of the Windows Server. We can install for you: Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2016.

If you have your own Windows license - you may save money and install OS by yourself from your .iso image. Dedicated server with IPMI allow you to mount your own CD/DVD .iso. You can take this opportunity to set your OS: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 10, and any other.

Unmanaged dedicated server. To make the best price, we offer our servers as unmanaged. Unmanaged dedicated server is the best option for skilled webmaster. You can install whatever you wish, control it yourself and save your money on managed support. We will do initial installation free of charge, install OS on your choose, provide you with full root server access (administrator access) and you will be able to configure server on your wish. Or, if you want, you may install OS on your dedicated server by yourself.

Unmetered dedicated server. We offer many plans with metered and unmetered bandwidth. Just pick an appropriate plan during order. You can rent server with unmetered plan, or you may choose a more cheap server with a metered plan. Storage servers may require a lot of bandwidth, so the better option can be choosing unmetered dedicated server, while small office servers (mail server, RDP server) may require a small amount of bandwidth, which allow you to choose cheap metered server. If you don't know which plan to choose - you may start with a cheapest server plan, you will be able to upgrade it later, when you need more bandwidth.

Server rental. Dedicated server rental can be paid with many payment options. We accept PayPal, Credit Cards, PerfectMoney, WebMoney. Also, you can pay with Bitcoin for the dedicated server. You may choose any payment option, which is most convenient to you or use online exchange services for currency conversion.

Custom server. If you didn't find required configuration, it is also possible to build a custom servers. You may contact us and we will build for you a custom dedicated server. Please find our contacts on a contacts page.

Dedicated server sale. From time to time we offer powerful cheap servers for sale. So, if you are searching a Windows or Linux dedicated server for sale, bookmark this page and check it from time to time, you may buy a cheapest dedicated server.

Every dedicated server we offer for renting includes free permanent 24x7 access to a suite of IPMI tools, which allows you to manage the server yourself, to power on/power off, reboot the server, to connect to the remote console iKVM, and so on. Please note that we offer for renting only reliable dedicated servers, we do not offer low-cost cheap servers, made from cheap parts, which are constantly creating problems for the customer. Absolutely all dedicated servers - truly Xeon servers, with the ECC RAM and other distinctive features of real dedicated servers, which ensures reliable operation of the server for a long time and under any load. If you decide to rent a dedicated server Xeon, be sure - this powerful and reliable dedicated server will serve for a very long time and save you from all the "charms" of the cheap servers (also known as low-cost servers), uptime of the true dedicated server can be measured in years. Most of our dedicated servers work for 2-3 and more years without a single error.

The same time we do not offer low-cost cheap servers, we do our best to keep affordable prices for powerful dedicated servers. And we glad we are able to offer inexpensive dedicated servers, while they still powerful. We hope you will rate on dignity the high quality which we bring to you.

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