Deltahost Cloud Storage for files

Deltahost Cloud Storage for files

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What is cloud file storage?

Cloud Storage Service allows people and businesses to store documents, pictures, videos, and other digital assets on servers accessible over the Internet rather than on a local hard drive or physical storage device. It is a practical and scalable data storage and backup solution as users can access their stored data from multiple internet-connected devices.

Service features

Ordering a Cloud Storage Service you receive:

  • file storage with direct access via SSHFS, WebDAV, FTP/FTPS
  • Nextcloud visual interface for working with files, access from any device, file synchronization, collaboration with files in real time
  • ability to store backup copies of files (files from your computer, website backup)

Advantages over other cloud storage services

Cloud storage Deltahost

Full data control.

Direct access via SSHFS, WebDAV, FTP/FTPS.

Access via browser and Nextcloud application from any device.


The ability to work with documents simultaneously with other users and share files with them.

Economic efficiency

Pay only for the used storage, which reduces the cost of maintaining and updating local equipment.

Storage management

When choosing cloud storage, an important aspect is the functionality that allows you to interact with files.

User interface

The service is managed through the Deltahost control panel.

Interacting with your files using Nextcloud through a browser or app on any device makes the process intuitive and convenient. The functionality for working with files is similar to other file storages such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Mega, OneDrive, iCloud.

Nextcloud is open source file syncing and sharing software designed for everyone: from individuals using the free Nextcloud server at home to large enterprises and service providers. Nextcloud provides a safe, secure and compliant solution for syncing and sharing files across servers.

You can share one or more files and folders on your computer and sync them with your storage. Place files in your local shared directories and those files are immediately synced to the server and other devices.

NextCloud supports client programs on Windows, MacOS X and GNU/Linux for synchronization between server and client, Android and iOS mobile applications for accessing files.

Nextcloud users can manage calendars (CalDAV), contacts (CardDAV), and schedule tasks from within the platform.

Content can be shared by defining smart read and write permissions between users. Additionally, Nextcloud users can share files via web links.

Nextcloud offers more than two hundred additional applications for cloud storage - editors, image galleries and others.

The most popular Nextcloud features:

  • creating and editing documents, tables, presentations, PDFs, saving data in your storage and accessing from any device
  • collaboration with files in real time
  • synchronization of local folders with cloud storage
  • synchronizing photos on mobile devices with storage
Access your files using protocols:

SSHFS is a file system client designed to mount a remote directory on a server using the SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) protocol and the FUSE (filesystem in userspace) module. SFTP is a more secure data transfer protocol than FTP because it runs on SSH (Secure Shell). In addition, when using SSHFS, the user does not require professional skills in setting up server operating systems; it is enough to correctly configure SSHFS on your computer. SSHFS is convenient for those users who need constant access to a remote file system, just like a local folder on their computer. For example, for programmers who are working on a complex project, while the source code files are located on a remote company server.


Cloud file storage can be connected as a network folder on your computer, thanks to support for the WebDAV protocol in many operating systems. This technology allows you to work with files on the server in the same way as you work with them on your local computer. You can copy, change, save, move files.


Connect to the storage using an FTP client (FileZilla, WinSCP and others) for exchanging and editing files.


Browser access using Nextcloud.


It is possible to regulate the size of the storage while preserving all data, if necessary.


Access to personal storage is carried out with just one account. Providing access to files for collaboration is carried out by one user.

Communication between the client and cloud storage occurs through protocols with data encryption - SSHFS, WebDAV, HTTPS.

Nextcloud security

Nextcloud is designed to offer the best security in the local content collaboration industry.

Customer support

Available in control panel requests after service registration.

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