How does Site Hosting Work – The Characteristic of Service

How does Site Hosting Work – The Characteristic of Service

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When creating your own website or blog, you, of course, think about hosting. Today, this service is provided by many hosting companies among which there is competition, often not always honest. In essence, hosting is a rental of virtual space reserved for hosting a website on the internet. For these purposes, you can use a dedicated server which will cost more.

How does web hosting work and what is the principle of its operation?

After creating the website, you place it on the equipment of the provider company. For this service, you pay a certain amount of money. Each company offers customers several tariff packages that differ in the number of services provided, the amount of space used and additional features. The support service of the provider accompanies all your movements starting with the registration of the domain and ending with the resolution of any problematic situations.

Let’s outline the main advantages of hosting:

  • You do not have to independently monitor the performance of equipment and programs.
  • To create and manage a domain, users are offered an intuitive menu.
  • Other people are responsible for the website’s performance access to which is available 24/7.     
Hosting - How does Site Hosting Work – The Characteristic of Service

How hosting works: limitations in operation

When buying a particular tariff plan, you need to be careful. Providers do not always honestly point out all the limitations focusing usually only on the benefits. The first sign of the unreliable seller of hosting services may be the price. If for a small fee that differs significantly from other provider companies, you are promised the moon,  you most likely will experience severe restrictions on the volume of the website, time to download content, the number of mailboxes and other "minor troubles". Therefore, you need to prepare for this situation in advance by requesting the terms of the tariff plan from the provider yourself having previously learned about them from other users.

The placement of the website on the internet

Today, a schoolchild and a retiree can create their own, at least one-page website. For this, there are many construction engines on the internet. Next, a more complicated stage of work will begin - to place a website on the internet. To do this, you will need to take several important steps the first of which will be the selection and purchase of a domain name for the website as well as the selection and rental of hosting space.

The name of the website is responsible for the quick search and identification on the internet, and hosting - for the storage location of all the data and files of the website in virtual space.

A domain name can be picked up and bought at register companies often combining this function with the services of a hosting provider. There is an option for free hosting, but this feature is relevant only for simple websites that do not have plans to make money on this project. Free hosting providers assign third-level domain names to websites which immediately affects negatively their promotion opportunities.

Virtual hosting or VPS: what is the difference?

Among inexpensive professional hosting types, one can distinguish:

  • Shared hosting. On the physical server, separate folders are created for each website, and they share the rest of the server resource and disk space with each other. Such hosting has a low cost but limitation in many respects due to the technical characteristics of the server itself.   
  • VPS/VDS hosting. For each website, a separate virtual machine running on a common hypervisor server is allocated. In this case, the tariff  will be higher, however, no restrictions apply to the user.

The main advantages of VPS hosting are that the tariff owner can:

  • connect the required number of websites, ftr-accounts, databases without limitation;
  • choose personal settings and software;
  • get root access and security guarantees.     
Virtual Hosting vs VPS - How does Site Hosting Work – The Characteristic of Service

Who can benefit from ordering a VPS hosting service?

First of all, the VPS hosting tariff is suitable for owners of high-resource internet projects with a large number of visitors. It is also justified for websites that require special technical equipment and software. In other cases, his rent will be unprofitable and, therefore, inappropriate. Upon reaching a high intermediate result in promoting your website or creating additional owners, you can always transfer it in the future to a more mobile and convenient VPS hosting.

VPS or dedicated server from DeltaHost: the benefits

  • The ability to pay for services with virtual services - WebMoney, Perfect Money, Privat24, Yandex.Money, Bitcoin, PayPal or international cards VISA, MasterCard, AMEX.
  • Technical support service available 24/7.
  • The geographical spread of DeltaHost data centers with servers which favorably affect the search engine optimization of internet resources.
  • High level of reliability provided by high-quality equipment, high uptime, servers located in TIER2 + and TIER3 class data centers.
  • Mandatory daily backups.
  • An intuitive control panel that is understandable to the average user.
  • Ability to select a dedicated server or VPS.     

How to choose a server for the website

It might seem that when creating our own website we do not think much about the server for its placement, but, in fact, its fruitful work will directly depend on this. Due to its importance, we will briefly discuss this issue.

A server is a computer that differs from its home and office counterparts by its large resource capabilities: power, memory, disk space and performance.

Naturally, websites that have their own large resource base will require a more powerful and productive server, otherwise, you and your visitors simply will not benefit all these advantages.

In the case of free hosting,  providers make up the difference in price for either a large amount of advertising or saving on server characteristics. In any case, this is not a good option for placement.

On the other hand, users do not want to overpay for unnecessary benefits, so before choosing a tariff plan you need to:

  • realistically assess the current and potential tasks for your website;
  • set priorities - a lack of technical failures, the possibility of technical support 24/7, high performance;
  • determine the size of future traffic.   

Virtual or dedicated server: which one to choose?

Any virtual hosting, whether it is VDS, cloud or WEB, can simultaneously host up to 2000 various websites on its resources. Therefore, there often arise situations, especially in the days of the busiest internet traffic - weekends and holidays - when the normal operation of the website is simply impossible. In this case, website owners are better off reorienting to a dedicated server. Its main difference is that one server serves only one website. At the same time, the owner receives other, more significant arguments “for”:

  • selection of equipment, software, server management at its discretion;     
  • maximum safety and performance;     
  • fast customer support.     

Of course, the cost of the tariff on a dedicated server is higher, but the owners of the website in this case also have the opportunity to save by ordering the service of a self-managed server. If nevertheless, the prospect of self-management scares you, there are no skills in its implementation or the desire to delve into a new field for you, you can choose a managed dedicated server. The truth is that it will cost more than the service tariff.

Best hosting for SEO promotion

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When planning the promotion of their website, many do not even think about the fact that the choice of hosting also has a strong influence (and not always positive) on SEO promotion. But many companies do not spare their budget for this. Therefore, we highlight several hosting criteria that are important for website promotion:

  • Security. Many website owners pay the least attention to this item, indicating in their priorities the amount of traffic, speed, performance. And ordinary users, on the contrary, are more interested in the stable operation of their website without hacking their personal data. And the robots that daily monitor the work of web resources place security in the first place.
  • UPTIME. This feature is responsible for the availability and speed of the website display. If for any reason your website is down, and this is possible with the poor performance of the server-provider, search robots will not index it in full on the pages, and this is in the best case. In the worse scenario, they will be excluded from indexing. This also explains the low speed of SEO promotion.
  • Geography of server location. It is important that the placement of the data centers and servers of the provider’s company is closer to the potential audience of the main users of the website. The more data centers a company has, the better for the website owner.
  • Reminder about hosting renewal. Because of this seemingly not important little thing, the website has been inaccessible for indexing for several days. Therefore, when choosing a tariff and hosting for SEO promotion, this item cannot be deducted.    

You have already familiarized yourself with how hosting works, so we suggest using our offer in order to get your convenient tariff plan at an affordable price.

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